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This project was a redesign from an outdated logo the Festival had for many years. We focused on including architectural and natural elements the town is known for and gave it a whimsical feel to add a youthful vibe.

The California-based attorney practice of Kendall Law Offices contacted us to help them create a classic, timeless logo for their newly launched business. We were thrilled to nail this logo on the first draft.

Sisters Katya and Tonya Vieira contracted with us to redesign the website for their Grand Turk bungalows, Manta House. We took the site from a static outdated page to a beautiful responsive web interface with widely expanded content.

Along with their website, Font Savant revamped Manta House's existing logo so it offered a more upscale, streamlined appearance. Their symbol was customized for the ability to use it as a watermark on future collateral.

Created for the Titusville YMCA's Annual Scholarship Campaign Fundraiser, we channeled the funky vibe of the 70s to produce this super fun design, which was used as both a 'Save The Date' reminder and entry ticket for the event.

This non-profit organization needed new logos with a cohesive design for all four of their business segments. We created this logo as the basis for all the others, and the Alzheimer's Foundation has continued to use this design for the past 9 years.

Local school Apollo Elementary needed a new look and feel for their annual 5k and Font Savant was there to support their needs. From the logo to the registration form, from posters to screen printed shirts, from the medal artwork to bathroom signs, we took care of it all!

In addition to designing the new logo and all marketing collateral again for 2013, Font Savant was pleased to work with the 6th grade Apollo Elementary PTO to also perform the duties of race director. Many thanks go to them for their steadfast support!

This logo was designed for a member-benefit program that complemented the Titusville YMCA's 2015 triathlon. Additionally, we created all the marketing pieces for the event, which included a trifold registration form, Y Tri Training completion certificates, posters, and race schedules.

For their 2015 Summer Challenge, we created a relaxed look and feel for the Titusville YMCA's annual member incentive program, which lasted through all months of summer. This logo was used on the supporting collateral, which included handouts, posters, and online promotions.

As a complement to their Summer Challenge member incentive program, we designed a logo for the Titusville YMCA's Oh My Quad! Squat Challenge. This work also included posters, registration sheets, and social media advertisements.

For this year's challenge, the Titusville YMCA wanted us to incorporate the Olympic theme into the logo design. We chose icons that were specific to the amenities offered at the Y as our focus, and also produced handouts, posters, and screen printed t-shirt design for this series.